Friday, 22 May 2009

Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka. The amazing chocolatier.

50th post. Nicely done.

I went on a wee vacation with the family, south to America, this past weekend. It's been a yearly thing for those that are able to go and I hadn't for at least 5, 6, 7? years so the highlights of Spokane in my mind up 'til this trip were the pool at the hotel, the hotel and Cyrus O'Leary's restaurant. This time I fell in love with the brick.

It was gorgeously sunny & warm. Some of the things I wore.

UO top, Target skirt (AA replica!), thrifted belt, watch & locket were gifts from my darling Granny.

AA skirt & tee, thrifted belt, H&M flats & shades, necklace made by Caroline (who I miss a lot!)

Know who else I miss a lot? Cyril.
My Swiss guy has been back in the motherland for 23 days now! Cyril, I think that's enough now. Canada wants you back. Oh and me too, just a little bit.

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