Saturday, 2 May 2009

And replay and replay and replay.

A little something before I turn in.
So's ya still know I'm alive.

(Am just settling down after moving back home for the summer.)

Our Version of a Wicked Dance Party

Cyril & Caroline
(Of the famous shoe-giver/jewelry-maker variety of Caroline!)
I have added a new "made by Caroline" tag, so you can check out her creations more easily.

Cyril & I.

We are silly people.

On him: shirt: thrifted, jeans: H&M.
Oh her: dress: thrifted, tights: Coop (of Switzerland). I'm also wearing a necklace made by Caroline, but I'm too busy groovin' in this photo for modeling.

The Cs are possibly going to scold me for this.

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