Friday, 30 January 2009

We both brushed our hair to the side.

Things I kind of really would like. A lot. If shipping etc was not $56 extra.
All from Urban Outfitters (as Cyril and I were trolling their online sales last night). Sale-ing it is the only way I can afford UO, sorry guys.

And since that did not have a shred of clothing at all, and since I've been on such a loungewear kick lately, some loungers I wouldn't mind having at all.

If I wasn't going for dinner tonight, I would have been in my lounge shorts long ago. Cute, classy, comfy. Maybe I will have to have another lounge installment of What I Wore Today.

They were/are filming X-Men (?) on our campus and it would be funny and fitting if Buchanan Tower was used in the set because it looks so depressing and war-ish. There were girls outside one of the trailers on Wednesday. I guess they wanted to see the werewolf (there's a werewolf in it, right?).

Mi examen hoy fue muy mal.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

I so should be doing school work. Spanish exam anyone?

Oh baby, those boots.
I was an Ebay virgin, until these boots happened. My very first Ebay purchase! And Theresa couldn't have been more of a sweetheart if I had asked... she sent me a note in the package! A note, who does that? Super cute ladies, that's who. She's over here. Go get some shoes from her.

Cardi: H&M, dress: thrifted, tights: H&M, boots: Ebay, necklace: gift from Myriame.

Blouse: thrifted and mega altered, skirt: Le Chateau, vest: Urban Outfitters, belt: from Myriame, tights: H&M.

Homemade pizza with veggie "salami"; the best kind.
Crust from this recipe.

Do it like the Italians and top it with arugula! Sodeliciousican'ttakeit.

Out on Granville Island in my new AA top I bought for Christmas.
Thank you Mastercard Gift Card.

Let's end with this really cute boy I found at DineOut Vancouver.
We went to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co and it was so good that we're going again before DineOut ends.

I've been really diggin' Vampire Weekend the last couple of days.
I recommend oxford comma.

Ahora, voy a estudiar para mi examen mañana.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Last one. Hereafter no more harking shall be heard.

My pretty Christmastime scenes.
(I could do it again, but I won't. You're welcome.)

Now off to Chutney Villa. Thank you Dine Out.

Just one more, please Mummy. Two more.

My pretty Christmastime people.

Very pretty baby.

Pretty, tiny fingers.

Pretty boyfriend in pretty sexy booties.

Pretty uncle & grandpa.

Pretty apron.

Pretty nosy mum & aunt.

Pretty cooks.

Pretty tasty looking mushrooms.

Pretty little sister.

Pretty shaved baby face.

Pretty Lily in a pretty dress.

Pretty tree & look at those presents.

Pretty older brother behind a pretty big box.

Pretty Christmas borrowed cat, Whiskers. Or Whiskas, we're not sure.

Pretty paper crowns.

Pretty and pretty(very) lovely family.

Pretty squiggly little brother.

Pretty kisses from pretty friends.

Pretty Lily, Ian & panda pillows.

Pretty happy!

Do you want me to say it just once more?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

And then we say all the things we don't want to say.

I hope it's not too late for a post-Christmas post.

Cyril and my (I never know how these constructions are really supposed to work. Hello, Grammar Girl?) Christmas Eve outfits.
On him: shirt & vest: thrifted, jeans: Tati.
On her: dress: H&M, belt: Grandpa's.
Thanks little brother, for taking the photo.

Visiting high school friends' babies. In case this secret is not yet know, I heart babies.
Sweater: Urban Outfitters, shirt: Mango, jeans: Urban Planet(yeah), necklace: gift from Myriame.

Bodysuit(which now has snaps!): thrifted, jeans: Mango, suspenders: H&M, borrowed from little brother.

Mum's birthday outfit.
Dress: thrifted, belt: Myriame's stash, tights: Wal Mart, shoes: thrifted.

Christmas Day outfit. (Excuse the expression, I was actually very happy, despite what it looks like)
Earrings: in my stocking, dress: gift from Cyril's mum, Myriame (it was her mum's). I got it taken in by a lady in town; I was much to scared to attempt it myself.

Little sister GHing it up like the rocker she is.

Cyril chanelling his inner bad boy guitarist.

Erin, dorking it up.

See you after Film Studies class. We're watching the 2005 Haneke film Caché tomorrow. I like being artsy again. And I love French films. Turns out the prof does too, yay for me.