Friday, 30 January 2009

We both brushed our hair to the side.

Things I kind of really would like. A lot. If shipping etc was not $56 extra.
All from Urban Outfitters (as Cyril and I were trolling their online sales last night). Sale-ing it is the only way I can afford UO, sorry guys.

And since that did not have a shred of clothing at all, and since I've been on such a loungewear kick lately, some loungers I wouldn't mind having at all.

If I wasn't going for dinner tonight, I would have been in my lounge shorts long ago. Cute, classy, comfy. Maybe I will have to have another lounge installment of What I Wore Today.

They were/are filming X-Men (?) on our campus and it would be funny and fitting if Buchanan Tower was used in the set because it looks so depressing and war-ish. There were girls outside one of the trailers on Wednesday. I guess they wanted to see the werewolf (there's a werewolf in it, right?).

Mi examen hoy fue muy mal.

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  1. urban outfitters are a tease, no?

    i finally moved in (oak st. area) and have an internet connection!

    you don't have a contact email on your blog, but if you'd like to email me, we could arrange to meet up sometime for coffee or something with-out weirdo blog readers potentially stalking!