Monday, 24 May 2010

Happy Anniversary, Mum & Dad

It was my parents' 29th wedding anniversary recently. I had a phone chat with my mum just now and she told me all about their adorable anniversary gift mix-up:

They decided together that they weren't going to buy each other gifts this year but my mum spotted a gorgeous mantle clock that she couldn't resist and bought it as a surprise for both of them from both of them for their anniversary. The chiropractor, Martha, ran into my mum at the jewelers, saw her buying the clock and my mum told her what it was for not realising that my dad had a chiropractor before their anniversary. When Martha sees my dad later on, she gushes about how perfect the gift is and my dad says... what gift? So she says... oh dear, you weren't supposed to know about that were you? Anniversary morning my mum finds a little box on the table and says... we decided we weren't exchanging gifts this year! And my dad says... well I heard from a fairly reliable source that you got me something as well. He buys her a gold necklace and they both get their mantle clock.


Click for detail

Although you can't see it in its glory, the gown was my Grandma's (mum's mum) from the 1940s and I hope to wear it in turn as well. When I visit my grandparents at the end of the summer for their 90th birthdays, I will dig up the first generation of the dress!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Family Photo Album Pt. I

Dad's class, 1958.

Click image to enlarge.

Last summer when I was living with my parents, I took the liberty of paroosing through my grandparents' family photo albums to scan and pillage as many photos as I could get my grimey little hands on.

Having already posted one of these (in the form of the most handsome picture known - ever) , I think I feel a series coming on...

Fashion inspiration-wise: can we please just take a minute to drool over the lady on the right's dress? The detail at the neckline is gorgeous. And how adorable is the little girl smack-dab in the middle of the frame, in the tie-up short sleeved cardigan? So proper. The girl in the same row on the far left, what a stunning face - I wonder what she looks like now...

Oh, my dad is the rascaley-looking one second from the left in the second row.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Strange woes and strange pleas.

There is presently a back-log of unpublished photos on my computer spanning five months.
Friends' visits to Vancouver in DECEMBER, fondue and cheese parties, outfit post ideas, Switzerland AND Austria... I've been keeping this all (and more) from you.

(I really don't know WHAT I was thinking not buying this. Who knows.)

Well, here's the explanation: a few weeks behind in photo editing, hooray, really - I love tinkering about in Photoshop. A month behind, yikes, but I can deal because it's still enjoyable... Five months of photos that need editing? Now it just seems like work - and not fun. Needless to say I'm overwhelmed.

(Our new old sofa. She fits so well in our tiny, white apartment.)


(Outfit deets include: thrifted & altered dress, thrifted girl's jean jacket, AA over-the-knee socks. And our sofa, Jackie. I just named her.)

So, friends. Help me to stop feeling sorry for myself and get me pumped to share photos with you.

Vancouver! Parties! Europe!

And remind me that photos from five months ago are better late than never and that they are still fun to look at even if they are ancient.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The cat scratched off a bit of my wall decal.

Summer in Vancouver has finally decided to arrive. Fashionably late.

As evidenced by this total babe spotted by Style Quotient.

Starting to know more people in this fair city (after 4 years...) it's somewhat of a game to look through this site - even more so as the photographer seems to stalk mostly downtown (where I live). I almost always see some familiar, pretty little faces that have rightly caught SQ's eye as well.

Because aaaall that made it seem like the total babe & I are bff's, fyi, I do not know her. Not that it matters. She knows where it's at, it's Summer in Vancouver and we shall leave it at that.