Friday, 14 May 2010

Strange woes and strange pleas.

There is presently a back-log of unpublished photos on my computer spanning five months.
Friends' visits to Vancouver in DECEMBER, fondue and cheese parties, outfit post ideas, Switzerland AND Austria... I've been keeping this all (and more) from you.

(I really don't know WHAT I was thinking not buying this. Who knows.)

Well, here's the explanation: a few weeks behind in photo editing, hooray, really - I love tinkering about in Photoshop. A month behind, yikes, but I can deal because it's still enjoyable... Five months of photos that need editing? Now it just seems like work - and not fun. Needless to say I'm overwhelmed.

(Our new old sofa. She fits so well in our tiny, white apartment.)


(Outfit deets include: thrifted & altered dress, thrifted girl's jean jacket, AA over-the-knee socks. And our sofa, Jackie. I just named her.)

So, friends. Help me to stop feeling sorry for myself and get me pumped to share photos with you.

Vancouver! Parties! Europe!

And remind me that photos from five months ago are better late than never and that they are still fun to look at even if they are ancient.

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry about the editing deal - my boyfriend & I have a ton of photos to go through and edit from the past year - and I know they will eventually get done.

    Think about it this way: you have a bunch more time because of the summer! Whoo!

    I like the naming of your sofa - so awesome ^_^

    Now go forth and EDIT EDIT EDIT.