Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wie isch es gsi? Ungloublech

The most perfect day I could imagine. Was this day.

Breakfast: farm fresh egg, crusty/fluffy bread, swiss cheese, nespresso and fruit.

Chocolate factory: cheap "flawed" chocolates...

... including unlimited samples. UN.Limited. Unlimited.

Thrift shopping: taking 10 steps outside the chocolate shop only to reach one of the most magnificent Brockehüser of my life, can it get any better?

If only my suitcase were bigger and my pockets deeper.

Dinner: a dangerously delicious fondue made by the lovely Fabian. Homemade fig bread dipped in garlicy winey cheese? Damn, just. Damn.

800g of heroin. Er, cheese.

Evening: discussing philosophy, politics and English literature. I adore.

To be honest, though: every day I spend in this town - in this country - on this continent - is perfect. I'm really not exaggerating either. One week left.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Never-ending land of Neverland.

Cyril surprised me the week before Valentine's Day as we were to be in Vienna with friends on the big day. "Say whaaaat? You skipped Vienna on Valentine's Day?" Yes. And C being just so härtzig, he surprised me with dinner out at Subeez in Yaletown. It was so lovely - Vienna not included.

The deets:
on him: AA, thrifted shoes
on her: thrifted blouse, UO cardi, Mango jeans, my Granny's purse, Payless heels

Aw, shucks!

Switzerland is fantastic, by the by. I've missed my friends so much; we haven't even got round to all of them yet and already I'm at home.

Of course, waking up to espresso, farm fresh eggs and an entire box of cheese doesn't hurt either. Do I really have to go back in a week? Please say no. Seriously... say no.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

T minus 6 hours

I'm off to the land of snow, mountains, watches and chocolate!

More updates (& photos!) to come from the other side.

xoxo Gossip Girl

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Some people like it and some. just. don't.

Cyril and I are leaving for CH in one week. It hasn't hit me yet.

Little did I know, C also has apprehensions about his Vaterland & Fashion. Hm. His revolve around fancy shoes. Specifically not being a business man in a three-piece and still donning clickity dress shoes in public. He says Swiss people don't "get" dress shoes or dressing up in general if you are not going to work in your suit at a bank.

These are what we were doing two years ago in CH. Two years ago!

Jacques & Cyril dancing in an art exhibit:

PS Did I miss Groundhog Day? What was the verdict? Do I want to know?