Monday, 24 November 2008

Jingle Bell Rock is stuck in my head. And I like it!

Must... stay... awake. MUST WRITE ESSAY. I thought maybe editing some pictures and blogging would give me that little zip I need to finish my 5 page French lit essay. Yeah, no. I'm seriously pondering the possibility of sneaking in a nap before Cyril gets home in half an hour.

A study trip to Commercial Drive on Sunday. Mmm Commercial.

Lovely love vegetable + tofu pie pot pie I made a few nights ago.
Based on this recipe.

A few things I've been wearing lately:

Cardi: Cyril's thrifted, shirt: vintage store in Paris, underneath shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Wal Mart a loooong time ago, shoes: Tati.

Jumper: thrifted, shirt: Uniqlo, jeans: Mango, purple scarf: Cyril's house, orange & white scarf: was my mum's, belt: was my grandpa's, shoes: Tati.

Shirt: American Apparel, skirt: thrifted, tights: H&M, shoes: thrifted, leaf necklace: gift from Jacques and Vanessa (click to see it bigger because the necklace is gorgeous), chain: gift.

The love of my life. Took the last photos. Almost tricked you, right? Aaah yes.

I'm so tired.


Sunday, 23 November 2008

My very own stop-frame animation!

I thought I should throw this out there before I get a mark back on it whilst I'm still proud of it. I realised the night before I handed it in that I had missed one of the three criteria, so unfortunately a lot of my hard work will not result in that beautiful grade, but that's only my fault. At least it looks really pretty, and anybody who doesn't know what the project is on can still appreciate it.

Here it is, my stop-frame animation for Earth and Ocean Science 314:

EOSC term project from Erin Stodola on Vimeo.

My baby.
Yes, that was a track from "The Life Aquatic". Cyril gave me the idea and how perfect is it?

Monday, 17 November 2008

And I said to myself "oh no you didn't".

Let me introduce you to the wardrobe of 85% of Vancouver females over age 7 and under age 54 (not always, but most often applicable):

85% of Vancouverites by whiteair

How can this even count as an acceptable thing to wear outside of NEVER?
What ever happened to getting a little gussied up and feeling pretty? Or what about spending more than two seconds thinking about what your clothes say about you? No?

And so to redeem my beautiful, adoptive city of Vancouver, a walk around the Sea Wall at Stanley Park with no Uggs.

Actually this is from my freezer.

And then these little gems are just beyond description.

From the appropriately named article: Ugly Shoe of the Week.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

As Stitch sits yonder in the corner, I sit and I write.

Shirt: H&M, silk shorts: thrifted, socks: H&M, slippers: knitted by my Granny.

What did I wear today? A skirt, these socks, boots and a soft, soft sweater. What did I do the second I got in the door (after eating lunch as I was famished, as I now appear to be, again)? LOUNGE CLOTHES, BAM.

In the second line, I am modeling "Le Tartuffe", in which I am meant to be half way through. Things I don't like about Le Tartuffe:
- looking up every second work in the lexique.
- looking up every second word after that in the dictionary.
- the fact that it's medieval literature.
- the fact that it's a play and plays are meant to be watched, not read, in my opinion.
- the fact that my prof thinks it's hilarious and I don't.
- it's one long, French, medieval, un-funny play.
Things I do like about Le Tartuffe:
- hm.

It feels like I want to eat the world today. And several of these preferably eaten like this.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tennis Hero is quite good.

Maybe I should be doing French grammar. But when I have the option, am I ever really going to do French grammar?

7:30 am Erin:

Shirt: Mango, skirt: thrifted, belt: thrifted, scarf: vintage shop in Paris, tights: H&M.

The extent of "putting my hair up" is usually whipping it up into something messy or a bun-type do. This was therefore a proud moment.

Shirt: thrifted, jeans: Tati, necklaces: the big one: gift from Cyril's mum, the white one: thrifted, the gold one: gift.

Good thing I have my big, burly boyfriend to cut open pumpkins.

A good dinner: fake chicken in one hand, wine in the other. Simultaniously.

Pumpkin Pie. That I am proud to say I made from 100% scratch.

The thrifted white skirt, yellow blouse and granny heels are from the MCC Thrift Store on Fraser. It just so happens to be 3 blocks from my house. And on my way home from school every single day. And sweet old ladies greet me when I come in. And the money goes to a good cause. And and and. And while we're doing laundry, in a few minutes, we shall mosey on in there.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

You can't say no to a $3.50 pair of heels. Oh no.

Bought about four hours ago, say hello.

Take a gander, please, at what is currently adorning my otherwise beastly athletic-lounge sock clad feet. HELLO.

I would like to say this: I bought these boots in Norway and then schlepped them around with me on by backpacking trip through Europe all before wearing wellies was for cool kids. Well, almost all kids now, really.

Cardi: H&M men, shirt: UNIQLO, jeans: Tati, scarf: vintage shop in Paris, wellies: some town that I cannot remember the name of in Norway. Haugesund?

Ultimate Potato Soup was made. In this apartment. By me. On Monday. And we are still eating its delicious left-overs.

PS - Thanks Obama.