Wednesday, 5 November 2008

You can't say no to a $3.50 pair of heels. Oh no.

Bought about four hours ago, say hello.

Take a gander, please, at what is currently adorning my otherwise beastly athletic-lounge sock clad feet. HELLO.

I would like to say this: I bought these boots in Norway and then schlepped them around with me on by backpacking trip through Europe all before wearing wellies was for cool kids. Well, almost all kids now, really.

Cardi: H&M men, shirt: UNIQLO, jeans: Tati, scarf: vintage shop in Paris, wellies: some town that I cannot remember the name of in Norway. Haugesund?

Ultimate Potato Soup was made. In this apartment. By me. On Monday. And we are still eating its delicious left-overs.

PS - Thanks Obama.

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