Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tennis Hero is quite good.

Maybe I should be doing French grammar. But when I have the option, am I ever really going to do French grammar?

7:30 am Erin:

Shirt: Mango, skirt: thrifted, belt: thrifted, scarf: vintage shop in Paris, tights: H&M.

The extent of "putting my hair up" is usually whipping it up into something messy or a bun-type do. This was therefore a proud moment.

Shirt: thrifted, jeans: Tati, necklaces: the big one: gift from Cyril's mum, the white one: thrifted, the gold one: gift.

Good thing I have my big, burly boyfriend to cut open pumpkins.

A good dinner: fake chicken in one hand, wine in the other. Simultaniously.

Pumpkin Pie. That I am proud to say I made from 100% scratch.

The thrifted white skirt, yellow blouse and granny heels are from the MCC Thrift Store on Fraser. It just so happens to be 3 blocks from my house. And on my way home from school every single day. And sweet old ladies greet me when I come in. And the money goes to a good cause. And and and. And while we're doing laundry, in a few minutes, we shall mosey on in there.

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  1. Wow, well done girly! Pumpkin pie is the best :)