Wednesday, 12 November 2008

As Stitch sits yonder in the corner, I sit and I write.

Shirt: H&M, silk shorts: thrifted, socks: H&M, slippers: knitted by my Granny.

What did I wear today? A skirt, these socks, boots and a soft, soft sweater. What did I do the second I got in the door (after eating lunch as I was famished, as I now appear to be, again)? LOUNGE CLOTHES, BAM.

In the second line, I am modeling "Le Tartuffe", in which I am meant to be half way through. Things I don't like about Le Tartuffe:
- looking up every second work in the lexique.
- looking up every second word after that in the dictionary.
- the fact that it's medieval literature.
- the fact that it's a play and plays are meant to be watched, not read, in my opinion.
- the fact that my prof thinks it's hilarious and I don't.
- it's one long, French, medieval, un-funny play.
Things I do like about Le Tartuffe:
- hm.

It feels like I want to eat the world today. And several of these preferably eaten like this.

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