Thursday, 26 August 2010

Family Photo Album Pt. III

Granny & Grandpa
Grandma & Pappa
Me, brother & sister
1990, making us munchkins 3, 7 & 1 years old. Brats, I'd say...

My baby sister, dad and I are headed to the airport in a few hours to join the massive Medicine Hat gathering that is my grandparents' 90th birthday party. NINETIETH birthday party. And still so cute and still so lively. Thanks for the amazing genes, you crazy kids.

And if you happened to sneak over here from my lil' Etsy shop, fear not, I will be back from the Hat on Monday to spank those parcels on the bottom on the way to the post office!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

If they hadn't been there, we wouldn't even know we existed!! *

Enter: cat pillow. It once had pink ears and purple eyes; too much love and look what happens. It was my grandparents' (or lived at their house, anyway) and I remember it being around the house but what does a kid want with a throw cushion, even if it is a cat. But now that I'm all grown up and whatnot, when I saw it in the "To Throw Out" pile, I just had to give this scrappy thing a home in my scrappy apartment.

Thrifted, altered dress.

I wore this to Karen's birthday a few days ago. It was during a Vancouver heat-wave and leaving the house at 10pm in this and sandals was so heavenly. It's getting colder; I made chai tea from scratch 2 days ago.

* Snippet of the heated argument wafting in from Stepho's back patio at this very moment.

Friday, 20 August 2010

That certainly did not go as planned, Billy-Jimbo.

Vancouver in the summuh is so very, very nice.

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver. Again.

Me thinks it's high time we had some outfit posts over here.

(You know when you're unemployed, working seems like the only thing other people do? Yeah, you know that feeling? And you think that every other Joe Schmoe must have the most interesting, rewarding, best-paying job in the world and everyone you pass is happily heading to or from their place of employment and you try to guess what kind of amazingly fantastic place it is and you know you will never end up in someplace cool like that and you even get bitter when your boyfriend has to stop watching Big Love with you so he can go to his stupid inventory shift from 8-10:30 but secretly you would love nothing more than to do exactly that? So glad y'all feel me on this.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Itchy shoulder blades.

Milk glass. Officially obsessed and will be scouring thrift stores for this stuff.





We have all seen it before, but how did I not notice how beautifully creamy and smooth and delicate it is?!

Why don't we just stop and the whine-shop and we'll leave you there.

Today was a hot day.
I showered, put my hair up. Then I decided to wear a vintage dress that requires a SLIP - ANOTHER layer of fabric on my skin(!!) and walked my sweaty self around the hot, hot city, printed CVs and proceeded to sweat even more while undertaking the nerve-wracking task of handing out those very CVs. With sweaty hands.

Taken in cooler days...

I made Kool-aid slushies today and that helped. Grape flavour. I have more in the freezer if you want to come over.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

One rabbit, two rabbit, three rabbit, four.


Anna Sui Fall 2010

Chris Benz Fall 2010

Peter Som Fall 2010

All via

I hope none of us here are those crazy people who think/hope Autumn is closing in - and if you are, you are certainly crazy and you need to stop that nonsense this minute. It was mildly nice, though, to look at black tights and boots through tha kump-yooter screen.

Feeling out of sorts lately... I've never had an "existential crisis" before. What am I doing; what do I want; where am I going; how will I get there; what reason do I have to ever get off this couch?

I'm looking for employment - yipee.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Shop Update! And a minor life update.

It is doubly official. And has been for quite some time! MilkWhiteAir Vintage has opened its doors for business!!

Come on, I'll show you some of my favorite pieces so far.

One piece.


This cover-up/dress: cover-up or dress? Not that it being both isn't okay, but I might lean more to the dress side of things. Would you?

I am back in my desert hometown for some much needed and awaited family and Erin time. As I write, all I can see is LAKE, SAGEBRUSH and POPLAR TREES. The life of a British Columbia desert local... aaaah!