Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Shop Update! And a minor life update.

It is doubly official. And has been for quite some time! MilkWhiteAir Vintage has opened its doors for business!!

Come on, I'll show you some of my favorite pieces so far.

One piece.


This cover-up/dress: cover-up or dress? Not that it being both isn't okay, but I might lean more to the dress side of things. Would you?

I am back in my desert hometown for some much needed and awaited family and Erin time. As I write, all I can see is LAKE, SAGEBRUSH and POPLAR TREES. The life of a British Columbia desert local... aaaah!

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  1. that Joseph Gordon Levitt story you told me is definitely appreciated!! amazing, I really think I would just stutter if I ever came face to face with him, he is so lovely.

    and that blue swimsuit in your etsy store is so cute, I'm a sucker for anything 1960's