Friday, 20 August 2010

That certainly did not go as planned, Billy-Jimbo.

Vancouver in the summuh is so very, very nice.

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver. Again.

Me thinks it's high time we had some outfit posts over here.

(You know when you're unemployed, working seems like the only thing other people do? Yeah, you know that feeling? And you think that every other Joe Schmoe must have the most interesting, rewarding, best-paying job in the world and everyone you pass is happily heading to or from their place of employment and you try to guess what kind of amazingly fantastic place it is and you know you will never end up in someplace cool like that and you even get bitter when your boyfriend has to stop watching Big Love with you so he can go to his stupid inventory shift from 8-10:30 but secretly you would love nothing more than to do exactly that? So glad y'all feel me on this.

1 comment:

  1. oh erin... you don't like inventory nights.. no one likes inventory nights. maybe thats why you like them. erin. i've made you a craft that i was going to give to you upon arrival at your bye bye get together. now alas it sits dormant awaiting a special home.