Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I'm so sorry I'm so paranoid. - Ben Kweller

The Swiss boy and I went to Lighthouse Park in WestVan at the beginning of May. It was probably warmer then than it is now. Do you realise that tomorrow is JULY? Do you additionally realise that tomorrow Thom & Garth are getting back from an entirely-too-long band tour? Do you lastly realise that tomorrow I will be earning time-and-a-half at work? That is very cool/useful.

I took my 70-210 mm lens and went wild with its telephoto wonders.

All thrifted.

H&M cut-offs, UO shirt, thrifted boat shoes.

It's really adorable when I see Cyril pedaling into our back alley on his way home from work. With his little helmet on. On his little Free Spirit 10-speed. With his little AA backpack. In his dress pants & loafers.

MORE PHOTOS to come from this sea-side visit.

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  1. Hurrah for time-and-a-half! I always like your style. These pictures are very pretty. Cyril looks very nice too! x