Sunday, 21 June 2009

Dear dearest Dad.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

My favorite picture of him.
At his high school graduation.

Lydia and I have to sneak in a lunch-hour (lunch-30-minutes, rather) charity shop run tomorrow because it's only open until 3. And closed on weekends. This town really is filled with the elderly. Lydia is my Summer co-worker at the museum and I think I lucked out! Um, by quite a lot.

Now, back to writing cut-lines. For my other job. Soon to be other other job. Good thing I enjoy money quite substantially.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

This devotion is devoid and defunked.

Why. Why. Why can't every day be a vacation?

The thing they don't tell you about studying at UBC Vancouver is: you miss the best part of the year. Summer in Vancouver. Maybe I was just in such fantastic company that anywhere would have done. I like to think not. And I like to think that I'm definitely spending next Summer in Vancouver. Osoyoos is gorgeous and hot and dryyy... but, sigh.

On Erin: hat from a thrift store in North Vancouver.
On Cyril: shades that were my Dad's.

Helloooo Swiss men.

On Olivier: should he read this blog and like to share the origins of his beautiful striped shirt, well... I just might have to go buy one for Cyril.

Perfect accessory: cupcake.

On Erin: thrifted & altered dress, thrifted belt, long necklace is thrifted and other necklace was made by Caroline!

Somebody come visit me at the Osoyoos Museum, please. Please? I can give you a tour. We can go for ice cream after. Or I can make you some cake. Or cookies. Or dinner. And we can go to the beach. Or on my boat. Yeah...

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Will you stay with me a while longer?

Say hello to the photos my new camera takes. Hello, you're pretty lovely! Why thank you.
(My parents bought it for me for my birthday)

(Click the 'ol mouse button on the photo to make it larger than life)

Thrifted & altered dress, thrifted shoes & belt, bloomers from my Granny's closet and watch given to me by Granny too.

She passed away in March and the ladies of the family are sifting through things. She had more clothes than she knew what to do with. Four closets. Drool.
It's strange to have her things.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

An Ode.

Let's talk about this really cool girl I know. I'm talking really cool, okay. Ultra cool. Mega cool. Fandiferously cool. That's right.

Why is she so cool?

If you click right here and go to her blog, you might get it. I mean, how talented is this girl?

If you peel open only one eye and take a look at those outfits, you might definitely get it.

Or if you take into consideration that she has, hands down, the best collection of Facebook profile pictures on the entire World Wide Web, you might also get it. Here are some examples:

Tip of the iceberg, my friends.

Or if you also consider the fact that we met in Switzerland, you might finally get it. Because really, most girls living abroad are on the high end of spectacular. And she is no exception.

And it makes me think, Kaley, I really need to visit you!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Let the love shine on! And on. And on. Aaaand on.

Officially back to blogging RIGHT NOW.
I could give many (legitimate!) excuses as to why I've been absent, but the bottom line is:
"Honey, I'm home!"

First order of business: my sister's birthday outfit. Rather, the outfit I wore to my sister's birthday. Which happened to be, sadly, exactly one month ago. I am such a bad blogger.

Thrifted & altered dress, necklace a gift from Cyril's mum, shoes are out of my mum's closet.

Today(all day) at work I researched the life of one of the founding families of my town. I have never cross-referenced so much in my life.