Tuesday, 9 June 2009

An Ode.

Let's talk about this really cool girl I know. I'm talking really cool, okay. Ultra cool. Mega cool. Fandiferously cool. That's right.

Why is she so cool?

If you click right here and go to her blog, you might get it. I mean, how talented is this girl?

If you peel open only one eye and take a look at those outfits, you might definitely get it.

Or if you take into consideration that she has, hands down, the best collection of Facebook profile pictures on the entire World Wide Web, you might also get it. Here are some examples:

Tip of the iceberg, my friends.

Or if you also consider the fact that we met in Switzerland, you might finally get it. Because really, most girls living abroad are on the high end of spectacular. And she is no exception.

And it makes me think, Kaley, I really need to visit you!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness Erin!! I love you!

    This made my morning so wonderful.

    We really are due for a visit!