Sunday, 29 November 2009

Give me shortbread any day.

It's been a while since I last did one of these.

As my whingy last post alluded to ('unabashedly declared' is more like it), it's been raining. Badly. And as I did not allude to in my last post, finals are quickly approaching and I'm feeling the pressure. Kind of badly. If I can just make it past Friday... so what I'm saying is, sorry for the absence. Rain & finals & papers = zero inspiration. It can only get better from here!

I took these in the morning before I left the house, so please, excuse the darkness and droopy eyes.

(I had done pincurls in my hair the night before - pictures and explanation to come!)

Mango jeans, AA lace bodysuit, ring from 85th Ave shop in my hometown, heels given to me by Caroline & necklaces passed on by my Granny.

Now for braving my German presentation!

The only thing getting me through this silly sketch in which we, as an advertising agency, are meant to promote German as a foreign language to a potential client, is pretending I'm a character in Mad Men and that ad about learning English as a foreign language... you know the one:

Monday, 23 November 2009

I'm never waiting for you again. Ever.

Cyril is going to kill me.

Honestly, these days, this is all I want to be doing. Sofa. Blankies. Tea/coffee. Robes. TV. Snuggles. Fireplace.

The rain's getting me down, man. In a bad way.

Sorry that my mum & little brother had to come visit in this. We sludged through Stanley Park like troopers, though. My brother was even thoroughly delighted about carrying an umbrella - too much so, really - since they are utterly useless in my beloved desert-of-a-hometown.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Let's get together. All around. Every day.

I am in a hardcore shopping mood as of late. Thrift shopping, mostly. But Etsy tabs always seem to be open on my Firefox... I don't know how that keeps happening... really...
Now, this is all good for my emotional well-being (I am a firm believer in retail therapy) but clearly bad for the ol' bank account!
So instead(although it's a bit late!), let's window-e-shop.

Inspired by the lovely 1940s day dresses Sally Jane Vintage has been wearing lately. She always has the most beautiful clothes & outfits!

My favorite Etsy 1940s dresses:

1940s Ruffle day dress

(Update: upon random blog hopping and linking, I realised this dress is from the store of one of my favorite blogs, The Snail and the Cyclops! Small world.)

1940s Summer day dress

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I like it when you're grumpy for a change.

News, people. News.

1. I'm on Chicptoia! Style sites are like cigarettes; everybody has their favorite. Somehow I ended up there. You can find me here, if you want to play.

2. Through my new play place, I was offered a prime spot on American Apparel's Seen on Bloggers section! Here, (under Seen on Bloggers) you can see my photo(!) and link to Chictopia.

3. Soup is my favorite food. Ever. Especially when it rains.



typical England

Sunday, 8 November 2009

I wish I was back there.

I should be doing a many number of things right now... but isn't that how nearly all of my posts start? Kind of.

First, though, I want to share this video:

Bo 18-10 from Microcut on Vimeo.

from my friend Marne. Isn't his nephew adorable?
He reminds me of Robin, one of the boys I looked after in Switzerland.
I'm looking forward to more videos from Marne. And reminds me how much I love making them.

Outfit? K.

H&M trousers & cardigan, vintage velvet blazer (my neighbours were having a yard sale and it was in the "tickle trunk" among other things. I went to pay for it and she said "oh, the kids I taught used to use those clothes for dressing up; you can just have them all!" um, score), scarf knitted by my granny and UO flats.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Shoo-bee doo-bee doo-wop

Say hello to Jay Brannan.
Cyril and I went to a concert of his at the Biltmore a few nights ago. He has a really fun personality, I think. You might recognize him from the film Shortbus.

H&M dress, cardigan & beanie (the dress has really neat details that were lost in this photo because it gets SO DARK too early. This also caused me to resort to taking pictures in the "hallway". Winter = hate), AA tights & thigh high socks, boots from Ebay, necklaces from my Granny & Cyril's mum.

Cyril is wearing a scarf, button-up & cardigan from AA.