Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Let's get together. All around. Every day.

I am in a hardcore shopping mood as of late. Thrift shopping, mostly. But Etsy tabs always seem to be open on my Firefox... I don't know how that keeps happening... really...
Now, this is all good for my emotional well-being (I am a firm believer in retail therapy) but clearly bad for the ol' bank account!
So instead(although it's a bit late!), let's window-e-shop.

Inspired by the lovely 1940s day dresses Sally Jane Vintage has been wearing lately. She always has the most beautiful clothes & outfits!

My favorite Etsy 1940s dresses:

1940s Ruffle day dress

(Update: upon random blog hopping and linking, I realised this dress is from the store of one of my favorite blogs, The Snail and the Cyclops! Small world.)

1940s Summer day dress

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