Thursday, 5 November 2009

Shoo-bee doo-bee doo-wop

Say hello to Jay Brannan.
Cyril and I went to a concert of his at the Biltmore a few nights ago. He has a really fun personality, I think. You might recognize him from the film Shortbus.

H&M dress, cardigan & beanie (the dress has really neat details that were lost in this photo because it gets SO DARK too early. This also caused me to resort to taking pictures in the "hallway". Winter = hate), AA tights & thigh high socks, boots from Ebay, necklaces from my Granny & Cyril's mum.

Cyril is wearing a scarf, button-up & cardigan from AA.

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  1. K, I'm not stalking you or anything, just here from chictopia and I see your from Vancouver! I was living there before moving to Brooklyn last year...I absolutely love that city.