Sunday, 8 November 2009

I wish I was back there.

I should be doing a many number of things right now... but isn't that how nearly all of my posts start? Kind of.

First, though, I want to share this video:

Bo 18-10 from Microcut on Vimeo.

from my friend Marne. Isn't his nephew adorable?
He reminds me of Robin, one of the boys I looked after in Switzerland.
I'm looking forward to more videos from Marne. And reminds me how much I love making them.

Outfit? K.

H&M trousers & cardigan, vintage velvet blazer (my neighbours were having a yard sale and it was in the "tickle trunk" among other things. I went to pay for it and she said "oh, the kids I taught used to use those clothes for dressing up; you can just have them all!" um, score), scarf knitted by my granny and UO flats.

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