Sunday, 25 October 2009

Inside the warm, warm fire.

Procrastination creates beautiful things. Not-as-important-as-what-is-being-avoided things; possibly. But so worth it.

thrifted 50s cardigan (my new favorite), AA tights & dress, assorted necklaces, thrifted heels (which I did not wear all day; let's be clear on that)

I'm eating egg & bran porridge in preparation for my 5hr stint at the library. Does "egg & bran porridge" or "5hr stint at the library" sound more disgusting? Library. Yeah.

Actually the egg porridge is delicious. Weirdly interested? Find it here. (I added my own bran 'cause I'm just such a hippie. What.)


  1. Wow... you have a great body to wear such dresses. I am jalous! ^^
    More of this plz :D

  2. More of you in dresses I mean ;-)