Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Now get your arms elbow-deep in fluffy, fliffy flour, folks.

That's it. I'm officially obsessed with food and all things food. One look at my first food blog and I was hooked. Although if I'm going to be hooked on anything, it may as well be food, right?

Here are some recipes (though I seem to have an insatiable compulsion to change them, whether because of necessity or just whim. I can't remember the last time I followed a recipe to a T. Sometimes it turns out great, sometimes not) I have been hoarding.

I also went a little wild with my new free toy, Poladroid. I feel like I'm cheating on Photoshop, in a bad way. But it's just. so. fun.

Let's start with Breakfast.

Devenish-style müseli with mashed banana and grated apple.
No recipe. Just memories of breakfast chez the kids I nannied.

Blueberry pancakes.
Recipe from smittenkitchen.com the apple of my food blog eye! I love Deb.

No recipe. Just my love of organics.

Daily granola with everything and anything nice you can think of in a breakfast granola. I've already made it twice and I love to add to it.
Recipe from orangette.blogspot.com whom I also love.

Decaf coffee from my grab-n-go coffee maker, because my body hates caffeine so very much.


"B".L.T. Made with lotsa mayonnaise and veggie Canadian bacon.

Since we're usually: a) at school over lunch, or b) eating dinner leftovers for lunch, time's up for this category.

Rollin' up to Dinner.

Veggie fajitas topped with cheese and into the oven.
No recipe, because you're looking at the Mexican master. Well. Reading words from the tips of the master's fingers.

Eggplant tomato sauce. People, this pasta sauce is so good. I don't even like eggplant and this sauce puts a party in my mouth.
No recipe, but more memories, and tweaking thereof, of the Devenish house.

"Wurst" im teig and Plain Jane, with chickpeas. The "wurst" meaning veggie dogs, even better! So easy and magnifique we've made it again since. Hint* though the recipe is in German, I will let you know it's basically phyllo pastry wrapped around a veggie dog with mustard. Yum.
Recipe and recipe from a German childrens' cooking page and orangette.blogspot.com

Cyril's ratatioulle. Cyril is a fantastic cook. He can take anthing blah and turn it into BAM.
No recipe, just his pretty little head.

Would-be Butternut squash soup with Gruyère croutons, but is more like Pumpkin potato soup with cheddar croutons. One of the best soups I've ever made. Now I want to try the recipe as it was intended.
Recipe from milkeggschocolate.blogspot.com
I think Alyson would be the catalyst who got me onto these blogs. Her ever-lovely unruly things page often has little food goodies tucked into it. One thing led to the next. And now I'm a cookaholic.

Valentie's Day gnocchi. I didn't do Deb's recipe justice, but now I know for next time.
Recipe from smittenkitchen.com

All made 100 x better by Cyril's cheesy cream sauce.


Chocolate fondue is amazing with grapes. And bananas. And pears. And I bet you could stick about anything in a warm pot of melted dark chocolate and it would taste good.

Spiced and baked pear with butterscotch ice cream.
No recipe. You could not mess this up if you tried.

I'm hungry.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Can you feel the motion motion commotion?

Part I - Ink Face

Fingers as place markers for notes in dark theatres seemed like a stroke of genius until...

I touched my face in said dark theatre and got home an hour later looking like this.
Now I always use pencil.

Part II - Lounge About

Part III - Pretty Loo

Sweaters & shirt: thrifted, skirt: H&M, boots: Ebay.

Part IV - Out Of The Loo

(Actually this is just in a different loo.)
Headband handmade by the ever lovely Caroline. Mentioned before for her generosity here and now here for her jewelry making talents!

Sweaters: thrifted, dress: thrifted in Switzerland (mistaken by Cyril's mother to be her mother's), scarf: street market in Italy, belt: Grandpa's, boots: Ebay, purse: Urban Outfitters, shades: H&M.


Part V - English Bay

Cupcakes from Cupcakes on the beach? Hollah.

Part VI - Studies In Hair

Part VII - I Love The Ocean

It's supposed to be TWELVE degrees today. Oh baby.

Saturday, 14 February 2009