Thursday, 19 February 2009

Can you feel the motion motion commotion?

Part I - Ink Face

Fingers as place markers for notes in dark theatres seemed like a stroke of genius until...

I touched my face in said dark theatre and got home an hour later looking like this.
Now I always use pencil.

Part II - Lounge About

Part III - Pretty Loo

Sweaters & shirt: thrifted, skirt: H&M, boots: Ebay.

Part IV - Out Of The Loo

(Actually this is just in a different loo.)
Headband handmade by the ever lovely Caroline. Mentioned before for her generosity here and now here for her jewelry making talents!

Sweaters: thrifted, dress: thrifted in Switzerland (mistaken by Cyril's mother to be her mother's), scarf: street market in Italy, belt: Grandpa's, boots: Ebay, purse: Urban Outfitters, shades: H&M.


Part V - English Bay

Cupcakes from Cupcakes on the beach? Hollah.

Part VI - Studies In Hair

Part VII - I Love The Ocean

It's supposed to be TWELVE degrees today. Oh baby.

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