Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Do you remember the name of that la dee doooo song?

Photos are in the loo today!

These are from a few weeks back, en fait. Right before I went to work. I remember that being a great day. After my shift Garth & Cyril picked me up and we smuggled copious amounts of snack food from IGA into the cinema and watched Avatar. And I wished so hard that we had glowing plants.

AA trousers, belt & bodysuit, thrifted Etienne Aigner wedges, thrifted bracelet, watch was a gift from my Granny.

This mid-blink shot had to be included because of this:

Cyril: you look like such a thug. "yeah, I got a lot of shampoo, AND WHAT?"

Now, to continue my French readings where I dozed off last night on the couch... Le grand débat sur l'identité nationale! FREN 334 final = 8:30 AM tomorrow. Ugh, really?

Monday, 12 April 2010

She looked upon the earth with wisdom in her eyes.

Today is so fantastically nice out! C & I had lunch at Thai Basil on Thurlow St on the patio(sidewalk). It was lovely. I just ran errands in a cardigan and bare thighs. Bare. Glory.
Now, sunless tanner, walk my way.

Your's truly in December '09 (notice candy cane in frame & baubles on orchid), a sunny but frigid weather day. I stumbled upon this in a folder and thought it looked nice.

H&M cardigan, Cyril's UO shirt, UO skirt, AA tights, Caroline's thrifted heels, thrifted coat.

Cookies are being made as we speak, y'all. And it's a double batch. Containing an entire 500g jar of Adam's peanut butter. And a whole cup of butter. Maybe you can come over. Maybe.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school we go.

I have a hard time believing this is all going down at 7:30 in the morning. But here we are, 7:23am it is! Luckily, coffee was drunk prior to 7:23 as were eggs and grapefruit eaten.

Blouse: thrifted by my mum, AA tights & dress (as skirt), Caroline's thrifted shoes.

And now I'm just left to watch the crows and seagulls destroy the dumpster outside our apartment because a certain restaurant stuffs it to the brim and then leaves the lid open. And the landlord says we aren't to have a recycling bin because it attracts a mess? Uh-huh...

7:30 and this puppy's wrapped! Let's get ready for school.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Hello Mr Fox.

The blogging world is such a cozy little spot to be. Especially when you can run into and draw inspiration from beautiful spaces like: Hello Mr Fox.

The foxy lady herself, Hannah, always looking so comfy and adorable.

Always churning out gorgeously detailed photos with such a warm feel.

Hannah just announced she will be opening a shop in the near future! And when the girl consistently finds beautiful things like these... enough said. I am so excited.

(These pieces are from all around Hello Mr Fox, not necessarily from her shop.)

Sigh, so romantic!

I don't think I have said anything about it yet, but I got a job in fashion! It's probably not what you would think I mean by "in fashion" but it's a start and an in and I really enjoy it so far.

Otherwise, Switzerland/Austria photos are still patiently awaiting treatment in my computer - well not too patiently. As are, embarrassingly, far too many others. So now that the dreaded Wednesday is over, I have more time to spend being creative/productive in my own little space!