Friday, 2 April 2010

Hello Mr Fox.

The blogging world is such a cozy little spot to be. Especially when you can run into and draw inspiration from beautiful spaces like: Hello Mr Fox.

The foxy lady herself, Hannah, always looking so comfy and adorable.

Always churning out gorgeously detailed photos with such a warm feel.

Hannah just announced she will be opening a shop in the near future! And when the girl consistently finds beautiful things like these... enough said. I am so excited.

(These pieces are from all around Hello Mr Fox, not necessarily from her shop.)

Sigh, so romantic!

I don't think I have said anything about it yet, but I got a job in fashion! It's probably not what you would think I mean by "in fashion" but it's a start and an in and I really enjoy it so far.

Otherwise, Switzerland/Austria photos are still patiently awaiting treatment in my computer - well not too patiently. As are, embarrassingly, far too many others. So now that the dreaded Wednesday is over, I have more time to spend being creative/productive in my own little space!

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