Monday, 22 March 2010

Naps, oh beloved naps, how thee haunt me.

This outfit was from the day I gave a horrid French grammar presentation. Other than that it was a very nice day - one of the first real warm days of the year.

Thrifted & altered girl's jacket, Mango jeans, AA blouse, Fletcher by Lyell for UO cardi, Granny's old brooch, Payless oxford heels.

You know that thiiiing... that thing you tell yourself to make your life(assignment deadlines) seem more manageable and not as though it(they) will smash your head in at any minute and that it(they) is(are) creeping up on you and that one day you will realise ALL YOUR ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE basically TOMORROW.
Yeah... that thing. "When I just get past next Wednesday, my life will be back to chill-town".
What about until next Wednesday?! Horror, that's what. And we haven't even touched exams yet.

Boohoo, student life, I know.


  1. You look like a Belle & Sebastian album cover.

  2. I feel your pain! At least you can get through it wearing a cute jacket though!