Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Doves gliding silently through the cloudy sky.

When my mum was visiting, we took a trip to the Van Dusen Gardens on Oak St.
It. Was. Gorgeoussss.
Hard to believe we went at the beginning of May, wearing shorts, and now the Pacific Northwest is plagued with 13 degree temperatures and rain for days at a time. I hope June treats us better.

Mum, taking notes for her next Art Knapps trip.

My sister and I are heading out of the big city to visit our family tomorrow. It likely won't be that relaxing, but such a nice getaway. And I haven't seen my dad & brothers in a while!

EDIT: from now on, I am uploading photos to zee blog in a slightly larger size than before (more detail!!), so be sure to click on the images to SEE. THEM. BIG.

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