Monday, 24 May 2010

Happy Anniversary, Mum & Dad

It was my parents' 29th wedding anniversary recently. I had a phone chat with my mum just now and she told me all about their adorable anniversary gift mix-up:

They decided together that they weren't going to buy each other gifts this year but my mum spotted a gorgeous mantle clock that she couldn't resist and bought it as a surprise for both of them from both of them for their anniversary. The chiropractor, Martha, ran into my mum at the jewelers, saw her buying the clock and my mum told her what it was for not realising that my dad had a chiropractor before their anniversary. When Martha sees my dad later on, she gushes about how perfect the gift is and my dad says... what gift? So she says... oh dear, you weren't supposed to know about that were you? Anniversary morning my mum finds a little box on the table and says... we decided we weren't exchanging gifts this year! And my dad says... well I heard from a fairly reliable source that you got me something as well. He buys her a gold necklace and they both get their mantle clock.


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Although you can't see it in its glory, the gown was my Grandma's (mum's mum) from the 1940s and I hope to wear it in turn as well. When I visit my grandparents at the end of the summer for their 90th birthdays, I will dig up the first generation of the dress!

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