Saturday, 15 May 2010

Family Photo Album Pt. I

Dad's class, 1958.

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Last summer when I was living with my parents, I took the liberty of paroosing through my grandparents' family photo albums to scan and pillage as many photos as I could get my grimey little hands on.

Having already posted one of these (in the form of the most handsome picture known - ever) , I think I feel a series coming on...

Fashion inspiration-wise: can we please just take a minute to drool over the lady on the right's dress? The detail at the neckline is gorgeous. And how adorable is the little girl smack-dab in the middle of the frame, in the tie-up short sleeved cardigan? So proper. The girl in the same row on the far left, what a stunning face - I wonder what she looks like now...

Oh, my dad is the rascaley-looking one second from the left in the second row.

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