Sunday, 22 August 2010

If they hadn't been there, we wouldn't even know we existed!! *

Enter: cat pillow. It once had pink ears and purple eyes; too much love and look what happens. It was my grandparents' (or lived at their house, anyway) and I remember it being around the house but what does a kid want with a throw cushion, even if it is a cat. But now that I'm all grown up and whatnot, when I saw it in the "To Throw Out" pile, I just had to give this scrappy thing a home in my scrappy apartment.

Thrifted, altered dress.

I wore this to Karen's birthday a few days ago. It was during a Vancouver heat-wave and leaving the house at 10pm in this and sandals was so heavenly. It's getting colder; I made chai tea from scratch 2 days ago.

* Snippet of the heated argument wafting in from Stepho's back patio at this very moment.

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