Thursday, 30 October 2008

Can we prance upon wisps of cloud?

Sum pikchurs jus fur funners.

Getting tipsy off this here appletini.

How JD would be proud.

What I've been wearing lately:

Coat: Zara, trousers: Rietmans, shoes: Wal Mart, scarf: vintage shop in Paris, bag: my trusty ol' purse.

Coat: Zara, skirt: thrifted, tights & shoes: H&M, gloves: permanently borrowed from Cyril's mum, earrings: thrifted.

Cyril's first fashion appearance!
Coat: Topman, jeans: H&M, shoes: Converse, scarf: tourist shop in Paris.

I liked the fact that I was rocking socks on top of tights for once. I quite enjoy the warmth socks with skirts can provide and I quite enjoy looking at the trend on gals with skinny legs, but I'm afraid this idea is usually a no-go for my cankles and I. Not this time!

I liked it so much I wore it the next day to the beach.
Cardi: H&M men, shirt: Stodola Family Reunion 1987 (at which I was present as a little'un) skirt: Le Chateau, belt: thrifted, scarf: random vendor on the streets of Paris, tights & shoes: H&M.

Cardi: H&M, shirt: UNIQLO, jeans: Mango, shoes: Tati, scarf: thrifted in Switzerland, belt: thrifted.

Sweater: thrifted, skirt: H&M, shoes: were my mum's, scarf: tourist shop in Paris.

And we always told them we had nothing to declare all those times coming back from Paris. Get a grip on reality, guys: nobody comes back to Switzerland from Paris without buying anything.

Something that made me really happy yesterday: I walked past a girl from my first year ArtsOne program who is really... unique. She seems slightly challenged in some way, but she was just always sitting across the room with this serene grin on her face and would always raise her hand tentatively to answer a question only to ramble on and sometimes giggle and go really loud at some points. So that's this girl. The thing that made me really happy was seeing her walking with a boy who looks absolutely perfect for her. Both pale, long faces, gangly, dorky in a sweet way, possibly a bit socially challenged. It was adorable.

Plus then I saw 3 other people from that class that I've never seen before on campus that day. Strange. It's like they had a meeting and didn't invite me...


  1. cyril looks so good with a mustache

  2.'re sweet...cheese tends to make thing better doesn't it?

    PS - lookin' good - both of you :)