Thursday, 23 October 2008

Think about it: Pushing Daisies.

These jeans seemingly make me more productive. In the short history of this blog there have only been two posts where I could say, "folks, this is what I am wearing at this very moment". And they have both been whilst wearing these same trousers.

Cardigan: vintage store in Osoyoos, shirt: Zara, pants: Reitmans, belt: thrifted, shoes: H&M.

I should get to wearing this Halloween themed glow-in-the-dark tee before it's kind of silly to wear a shirt with bats and a haunted house on it. Although now that I have discovered the beauties of (almost) everything high-waited, the slightly gaudy "Haunted Girls" script at the bottom is covered and I may find myself wearing it more often.

Shirt: thrifted, jeans: Tati, belt & shoes: thrifted.

Did you watch Pushing Daisies on Tuesday? I have never been so in love with a television show in all my life. It's quirky, beautifully shot, with gorgeous actors with gorgeous style with adorable and/or completely witty personalities, with the most charming love story ever. This will mostly likely not be the last time I will be caught gushing about it.

From here.

Yeah, who wouldn't want to watch this show? Hello.

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