Saturday, 23 May 2009

K-A-T-E Kate.

Though I shouldn't be, I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself these days. So, in an attempt to cheer myself up, a list of Why I Should Be Happy:

1. I got my museum job!
2. Cyril is coming back on Thursday!
3. The weather is gorgeous!
4. My sister is visiting!
5. I am babysitting a Canon Rebel for the weekend and I have officially fallen in love! Sorry Cyril.
6. This poor, baby deer is so cute!
"Dear Deer" by Kate Micucci (she played Stephanie Gooch on Scrubs)
Thanks to my brother for the introduction.

Cyril and I having fun at the laundromat.

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  1. gooch was also in an episode of how i met your mother