Thursday, 7 May 2009

We're not going to believe Mr Shamboozle this time.

Another interview outfit. Hopefully this will be the winner. The job. Not the outfit. The job. O rly?
I had (have) on navy/black nail polish and I wasn't sure if that is an interview etiquette no-no or non, so I left it. None of them shook my hand, though, so I suppose they didn't see its ravishing dark beauty. But it's a bad thing to not shake hands, right?

Skirt: AA, cardi & tights: H&M, belt & blouse: thrifted.

I know you can't see the outfit, like, totally at all, but you know, it's, like, art.
Actually, I just haven't found the money shot of all self-timer shot locations in and around my house. There shall be experimenting.

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