Monday, 6 April 2009

You asked me to stop, but I kept calling you captain.

The last few days. HAVE BEEN SUNNY!

Inspired by the lovely & witty Siri, of Ringo, have a banana!, I thought I should showcase my go-to skirt. Like her security blanket dress, this skirt fit like a glove from the thrift store and it goes with everything. I mean, ps, it is a white skirt, but come on. Give me some credit plz; I have never worn the same outfit to school twice since I started in September! That's right. Woredrobe remix MASTER. (And owner of an over-stuffed closet. But mostly remix master. Well, and a lot of clothes. But mostly master.)

I have previously worn it here, here and here.

Skirt, skiier cardi, belt & shoes: thrifted, tights: Wal Mart, yellow shirt: Mango, brown tank: H&M, headband: rediscovered in a drawer in my parents' house.

Special Guest Appearance! Cyril!

Jacket & shoes: thrifted, jeans: H&M, shirt: AA, bag: H&M, shades: used to be my dad's.

Blazer: sister's, sweater: Primark, skirt & belt: thrited, tights, shoes & shades: H&M, scarf: made by Caroline (honestly, is that girl amazing, or what?!), bag: Urban Outfitters, necklaces: gift & thrifted.

It takes ages longer to write out my outfit specs than Cyril's. Funny how that happens.

Time to hit the sack. Hay. Bed.
I'll be back atcha soon, 'cause my outfit today was bangin'.

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  1. omg, you make me laugh! you look uber stylin' missy!