Thursday, 9 April 2009

Has anyone seen "Heavenly Creatures" and want to help me write a paper on it?

Just a wee update from me before I sign off for the night, guiiilty because I haven't laid a brain cell on my Film Studies paper OR German grammar yet and they are both up on Tuesday. Gosh.

I thought I should stop torturing you with that nasty teaser I left for you on my last post. Anyway, the bangin' outfit is this:

Bodysuit (which come with a little anecdote, but that's for another day!), skirt, belt & gold necklaces: thrifted, white necklace: a Caroline original!, tights: H&M.

C'est bangin', non?

Even more bangin': the Great Lake Swimmers concert a few weeks ago. For realz, aaamazing. I really, really enjoyed it.

There's a surprise coming up in the next post. Yeah, that's right. I did it. Left you hanging once again!

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