Monday, 30 March 2009

I should file a complaint.

Cyril says I should stop reading trash from my Yahoo! homepage. They're sponsored by the milk industry, Fox News and apparently people with bad fashion taste.

Just saw this and had to share.


"We've heard of mom jeans before, but mom shorts? Jessica Stroup of 90210 2.0 fame showed off these sweet, high-waisted short shorts (with pockets) the other day in LA. We predict these bad boys will be all the rage for Spring 2009. Pair them with some penny loafers and a dickie under a knitted sweater your grandma gave you when you were 8, and you will be the talk of the town. Guaranteed or your money back. (Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ Wire Image)"

That is clearly the Pocket Skirt from AA, n'est ce pas?


Now really, Yahoo! Canada Lifestyle, she looks gooood! But I must say, you had me going for a while there, saying they were going to to all the rage. You cheeky little thing. Well here's a head's up: they're already all the rage! Ha.
One ore time: She looks gooood.

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