Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ah non, monsieur; dites pas la vérité.

I thought I should spice up my outfit pictures a bit. With jumps.
My keyboard is set to French, so that actually took me a while to type. As did that. And that.

Shirt: AA, pants: H&M, shoes: thrifted, gold chain: gift from my mum, beaded necklace: MADE BY CAROLINE.

Shirt: family reunion 1987 (represent!), cardi: H&M, jeans: Tati, belt: thrifted, necklace: gift from Myriame.

I think we're due for a What He Wore Today post.
And I am due for plus de travail sur mon dissertation sur La Leçon. Que ça soit fini!

Whilst I attempt to sound somewhat intelligent in French, go find some yummies at Mean Missus Mustard!

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