Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Caught in a dream world once again.

Learning To Love You More, a project by Miranda July & Harrell Fletcher. July's film, Me You And Everyone We Know and her book No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories (merci Jacques) are both fantastic. Now this. Man. I need to get my hands on more things lovely from that curly haired miss.

It is superbly cute. I can't wait to look at the other tasks! But I just had to share.

55. Photograph a significant outfit.

"What I was wearing when I realized it was more selfish
NOT to tell you "I love you" than TO tell you."

"What I was wearing on Sunday, the seventh day of December
of the year two-thousand-and-eight, when I awoke to find
my beloved dog breathing her last breath at the top of the stairs.
I saw Death, and Death saw me wearing silly argyle and nothing else."

"What I wore when she straddled me on a park bench,
told me I was a sloppy kisser and made out with me anyway."

From here here and here.

30. Take a picture of strangers holding hands.

From here here and here.

50. Take a flash photo under your bed.

From here here and here.

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