Sunday, 15 March 2009

Painting the paint of the paint.

I was tagged by the lovely Amy over at Ma Petite Amy to do this: post the fourth picture in the fourth folder on my computer and write about it.
Well, folks, here's the thing: these rules are a bit loose, don't you think? I suppose if I was going to be true to this thing and take the instructions at face-value, I would give you this:

Which is a picture of the first Apple Pie I ever baked with my own two hands. Whiiich can coincidentally be found at my other, other blog: Mean Missus Mustard. Check it out, peeps.

However, I think this is boring. I already posted this picture! You could have found it yourself by visiting Missus Mustard.
So, I'm going to take "computer" to mean "computer and/or external hard drive thingy". And in that case, this is what you get:

This was taken in Fall 2007 in Switzerland by the Dad of the kids I nannied. He is a photographer and did family portraits that year for their friends and asked me if I wanted some too. Professional portraits for free? Yes, please!
Cyril and I are both doing uncomfortable/crazy poses in this one, but Sebastian straightened us out later on.
I still haven't showed these to my mother and grandmother... they would probably like them!

See, now wasn't that more fun?

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