Monday, 16 March 2009

Back at you like a flash from the future.

It's been a while, eh, kids?

I've been going through this for literally hours. It's so cute it makes my heart literally ache. Literally. I want her life.

Yesterday (Sunday) was totally crazy weather. I talked to my mum in the morning and it started to snow like woah. Come. ON! So I popped on some candles and our string of lights to make it all cozy in our little abode.


It snowed pretty good, I must say. Then it was sunny! And the snow vanished in mere nano seconds. Exaggeration, but still.

Now get ready, it's been a while since I've done a "What I Wore Today" post. But I aint' teasin'. This is the real deal.

New lipstick! Rimmel Red Dive on sale for $4! Though I still would quite like a nice Ruby Woo...

Blazer: stolen from sister's closet, scarf and cardis: H&M, top and belt: thrifted, jeans: Mango, boots: Ebay.


  1. you are so cute! love the outfit! and ruby foo is my favorite.

    also, try mac's brick shade from their viva glam line. it's a little darker but i love it.


  2. eek. sorry for the typo... meant woo. not foo.