Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mouse hand is always cold.

via... the internet.

"How my heart beats when by accident I touch her finger, or my feet meet hers under the table! I draw back as if from a furnace; but a secret force impels me forward again, and my senses become disordered. Her innocent, unconscious heart never knows what agony these little familiarities inflict upon me. Sometimes when we are talking she lays her hand upon mine, and in the eagerness of conversation comes closer to me, and her balmy breath reaches my lips,—when I feel as if lightning had struck me, and that I could sink into the earth." - The Sorrows of Young Werther (Die Lieden des jungen Werthers), Goethe, 1774.

I guess people don't change.

Last night I made this cake, added 2T poppyseeds to it and put a simple sugar glaze on it rather than (ick)cream cheese icing. Aaand, mashed the pears just with a fork since they were already past prime and slapped it into a bundt pan because, really, who has 4 tiny loaf pans? I'll probably have my second piece of the day now.

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