Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The box of Stepho's in the fridge is calling my name.

Snowed. A month ago, though.

I wish it would snow right now. Then maybe our dying, sad, so very sad Christmas tree would maybe not seem so sad. I had left it outside during this very snowfall below and it either froze to death or was crushed by the weight of the snow. I know, probably the former. Either way, it was not a happy one when I brought it inside. Now it honestly just looks pathetic, weighed down by a stand of dollar store lights and ornaments already too bulky for its petite frame. Pathetic, but hopefully in a Charlie Brown Christmas tree kind of way. Now I have to watch that movie. And post a picture of the tree because I went on about it too much and now you're all like, well let me see it!!

Snow first.

Monday night/early Tuesday morning/later on Tuesday morning after sleeping for >4 hrs was something I never wish to repeat. And sometimes I hate university.

My end-of-term lack of motivation resulted in starting an 8 page German research paper 2 days before it was due. It turned like a piece of crap and I will never show it to anyone in the whole world, but it's done and I only have stress pimples and a piece of crap German paper to show for it. Maybe 8 pages doesn't sound like that much, but if, like me, the most you had written in German until now was in the realm of 1 page, I think you would find that 8 pages was enough to make you cry in your bed at night.

Last exam tomorrow. 8:30am.

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