Saturday, 20 November 2010

After all that counting... I still lost a button.

Not generally too much of a, shall we say, product whore, but I thought maybe I'd share a few that are really rocking my world right now.

Sweet almond oil as a body moisturizer.
It soaks in promptly and traps all the moisture after a shower. Softy.

Clear mascara to comb through the eyebrows.
Keeps eyebrows where you want them! And then darkens them a wee bit.

Baking soda? Really?
We'll go over this later... it's really interesting!

It snowed last night in Vancouver. Before I went to bed I wanted to shut off all the lights and watch the snow fall in the glow of the street lamps across the street. And then I realised it was just the floodlight blaring into the window that needed to be turned off. Yeah, I think it's time to say something about that.
It was nice from our bedroom, though. The nearest street lamps were a ways off and it was really dreamy. Then I went to bed in a giant hoody and sweatpants because it was cold and lonely.

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