Sunday, 7 November 2010

Dry lips means you have eaten too many chips.

Although Halloween is officially over - I know because I have a giant box of 95 mini chocolate bars (that number is now significantly diminished) totaling 1.1 kg sitting beside me that I scored in the sale only post-Halloween can bring you - here are sum pikchas from a pumpkin carving party, nay, contest, I went to a few weeks ago in the Qube.

Karen. Mwah. Ambitious pumpkin design, girlfriend.

The pumpkin I "carved". I didn't hollow it out so that it would stay fresh and I can eat it. Nom.

I'm kind of really in love with this skirt but it seems to "fancy" for everyday. It's silk. Grey & mustard striped and long and flowey and makes me feel like a real lady if that's okay to say. Maybe if I just start wearing more real lady skirts this one wouldn't feel like dress up. If only I hadn't hemmed every skirt I've ever owned... I should have listened to my mother when she told me longer hemlines would come back in style. Mothers of 18 year old girls are often, unwisely, not headed, however. But naw, I still like my short skirts too!

There are chips on sale at Super Valu for $1.66 a bag (and that's just crazy) and C & I thought it ended today so he asked me to go stock up after work and when I got there I realised that the sale is on until Januaaaary and then I saw that they had hot dog flavoured chips and I really want to get those now. After the crazy success of Doritos cheeseburger chips.

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