Thursday, 4 December 2008

The windows are going wild with condensation.

I think exams were invented to be ridiculous. Why, why, why? No, no, no. Correction: I think studying was invented to be ridiculous. My French grammar exam yesterday was the quickest 2.5 hours of my life and not at all painful. It was calm and quiet and I felt productive and (somewhat) intelligent. Bring on the exams! Just don't make me study.

I wore this the other day:

Sweater: Primark, blouse: thirfted, jeans: Tati, grannies: thrifted.
It is sadly time for a new pair of jeans. €12 Tati man jeans, it's been a groovy ride, thanks. (I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned that, but they are man pants! Cyril owns the same pair.)

Brunch at our house. Scrambled tofu with (lots of) curry.

Yogurt with cinnamon apples and honey.

I think fog is one of my favorite kinds of weather.
I wish Nature would fog-it-up more often. Fog it, fog fog it.

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  1. Your pictures capture Vancouver well, especially the skyline with the cranes! We should totally meet up in the city one day, go for coffee and people watch :)