Monday, 15 December 2008

This is making me hungrier than I already am.

Dinner from the other day: tofu + veggie enchiladas.
If you have access to a Safeway, it is imperative that you buy a jar of Safeway brand enchilada sauce and make enchiladas. With plain yogurt on top. It is the bomb diggity.

Dessert from the other day: raspberry port wine.
From water glasses, because we're just classy like that.

I'm really excited about Christmas this year. I'm always really excited about Christmas. But this year I feel grown-up-excited about it. It's going to be a bit different; not the every-single-Christmas-of-my-childhood Christmas, but I'll be home, where I belong.

Some Christmas touches to our garageapartment.

It's messy. I was studying. It's allowed.

Cyril made this when he was small.

I made the snowflakes out of Oceanography notes the day after my exam.

How I see our snowflakes from bed before I go to sleep with no glasses:

Cyril is making homemade naan and curry!

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  1. hello,

    oh, i'd love if you kept an eye out for places - so stressful moving!

    i love the holiday decor - good idea with the snow flakes from the ceiling!

    Hope you had a wonderful new years!