Friday, 3 September 2010

There were quirky titles on that one as well.

Well, I... still... only have seven items in my shop, BUT NEVERTHELESS the time has come for a sale!

You pick items from your inventory to list at the beginning of July, they get listed near the end of July, THEN IT IS ALREADY FALL.

So, Fall, thank you for that! But that means sale time! And I must say, it was rather fun slashing those prices with my own two hands. Happy Etsy browsing.

Quite unrelated is this:

Going through an old LiveJournal I kept for over 4 years, I was inspired (& embarrassed!) by how much I used to write. Almost every day. And though I started it 6 years ago, I still like my style of writing back then. But I suppose that comes with writing just about every day. I also kept a pen-and-paper diary at that time. I certainly feel rusty and self-edit a whole lot on this blog, but perhaps the simple act of writing more often would ease some of that. If only a bit. Get ready for some blah blah blah!

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