Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Do you ever wonder what would happen if we just weren't here?

Typing from my new (hand-me-down yet souped-up) laptop! My big brother is a computer man and thus obsessively buys new computer things and thus gets rid of older computer things, making them available for purchase at seriously discounted prices and in seriously refurbished quality. Plus he installs fancy things that are too complicated for me.

Imma tell you what - I really have not felt this fashionably uninspired in quite some time!
School. School deserves to be blamed for everything. Soul-sucking, money-draining, procrastination-master-creating big mess.

And so consequently I have been wearing a variation on this outfit since Friday. Today is Tuesday and this is what I wore today.
Now why should I choose today of all days to post a self-proclaimed uninspired look? See qualification # 3 of the soul-sucking etc big mess. That, and I find "everyday", "errand" getups very interesting. We all have 'em; here's mine. For the past four days.

Tomorrow is the last sunny day before doomsday. What should we do to savour it?

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